Wau youth learn how to better contribute to peaceful intercommunal relations

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Youth from different ethnic groups in Western Bahr el-Ghazal State learning more on how to promote social cohesion.

15 Oct 2020

Wau youth learn how to better contribute to peaceful intercommunal relations

Dawit Kahsay/Jimmy Ludanga

Youth representatives in Western Bahr el-Ghazal have brainstormed to better understand what role young people may play in promoting peaceful intercommunal relations in their region. They were also given relevant know-how as to how to go about such an endeavour.

“I was inspired by what I learnt about social cohesion and coexistence. This forum has taught me how to reconcile differences and foster harmonious co-existence,” said Sirino Dominic Moses, a young woman from Wau who participated in an event organized by the United Nations Mission in South Sudan in cooperation with the Kindness Community Development Organization.

“We have to leave divisions behind and work as one nation. We should not limit ourselves to Wau area only. We need to reach out to our brothers and sisters not only in town but also in other counties. We should tell them not to follow the lead of some politicians who use tribalism for political purposes,” she added.

Stuart Dominic Uchela, another of the 21 youths who attended the multiethnic forum, stressed that young people can also help make sure that particularly vulnerable groups in their societies are not left behind.

 “I’ll give you an example. Street children are also citizens who have the right to go to school and live a good life. If given a chance, someone who is a currently a street child may one day become a governor or even the president of our country,” he said.

Mustapha Tejan-Kella, a representative of the peacekeeping mission, commended the youth for having raised the request to organize what turned into a constructive get-together.

“You have gone through a lot of hardship in recent months, so it is good to see that you still have energy and will to come together, to contribute to the revitalization of civil society organizations and discuss how you can best support the peace building in your state,” said Mr. Tejan-Kella.

The peacekeeping mission’s field office in Wau is planning to conduct three more similar activities in the region.