UNMAS - Mine risk education critical for South Sudan, as UXOs injure children

Students taking part in the mine awareness song competition

30 Mar 2017

UNMAS - Mine risk education critical for South Sudan, as UXOs injure children

Birungi Machrine


The dangers posed by remnants of war to the children of South Sudan,  has prompted the United Nations Mine Actions Service - UNMAS to develop specifically targeted Mine risk education interventions.



“The problem is quite significant, many years of conflict have left many remnants of war, unexploded items around the place,” said Tim Lardner, UNMAS program manager in South Sudan.


He noted that people are increasingly vulnerable and children have not been spared either.  “Over the last ten days, there have been six accidents that have affected children directly,” said Lardner.


In one of the latest incidents recorded by UNMAS, two kids in Panyijar of Unity state,  picked an item, took it to a Tukul and it exploded injuring them. The children are reportedly admitted in hospital nursing their injuries.


Speaking on Miraya Breakfast Show, Mr.Lardner, said the UN Mine Action Service, is working with schools in Juba to develop a specific targeted mine risk education song.  The song targeting the youth and children to in South Sudan. is specifically designed to give better and broader education on mine risk activities.



The United Nations Mine Action Service is mandated by the UN Security Council to support the United Nations mission in South Sudan - UNMISS.The mine clearance activities are vital for Protection of civilians, creating the conditions for the delivery of humanitarian assistance, Monitoring and investigating human rights, and supporting the implementation of the Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan.