Youth in Jonglei respond to UNMISS call to withdraw from border area

14 Mar 2017

Youth in Jonglei respond to UNMISS call to withdraw from border area

David Majur Awuou

Bor, 14 March 2017 - Groups of youths from Jonglei have withdrawn from border areas they occupied during recent fighting with youth from neighboring Boma state, ending days of tensions with the youth in Boma.

The withdrawal was made public in a recorded statement issued to the press on Monday.  Mr. Ayuen GuetRoor, the Spokesperson of the Jonglei Youth Association said they have pulled back in response to a call from the government and from the UN Special Representative, David Shearer during a visit to the area last week. 

“We ordered our youth to withdraw and come to our borders.  It was a call from the head of UNMISS when he visited Bor, he was talking about peace returning,” said Guetroor.

Mr. GuetRoor however said that the youths in Jonglei have given the youths in Boma a seven day-ultimatum to return the raided cattle as well as abducted children.

“We are calling on the government of Boma, Jonglei and the National government and UNMISS to talk with the Boma state youth and the government to return our cattle and children back to our borders.”

Youth from Bor clashed with Boma youth in the border villages of Koschaar and Manyingaak last week, demanding the release of kidnapped children and return of the animals that were stolen in a series of raids in December. 

During his visit to both Bor and Pibor, the Special Representative of the Secretary General, David Shearer, stressed the need for peace and stability in the greater Jonglei area.

“We hope to be able to resolve this situation between the two sides and if the United Nations can assist and support in any way, we have offered our support, our offices have logistics, we want to see peace,” said the SRSG.