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unmiss south sudan peace reconciliation cattle rates white nile sobat intercommunal clashes revenge attacks coexistence upper nile baliet ulang civil affairs united nations un peacekeeping peacekeepers

A reinvigorated commitment to ending conflict and promoting peace - these were the main takeaways from a three-day dialogue-based forum organized by UNMISS and peace partners in remote Ulang, Upper Nile, bringing together feuding communities from three counties. Photo by Nyang Touch/UNMISS

unmiss south sudan upper nile state malakal poc idps new committee workshop mandate role responsibilities training

Members of the newly elected Community Coordination Committee within Malakal's protection site for internally displaced persons learning what they need to know about their responsibilities. Photo: Samuel Adwok/UNMISS

unmiss south sudan northern bahr el ghazal state aweil income generation vocational training liquid soap empowerment

Liquid soap production in progress as graduates from a vocational skill training in Aweil showcased their know-how. Photo: Deng Mou/UNMISS

unmiss humanitarian iom conflict ocha south sudan displacement tonga upper nile malakal who wfp sara beysolow nyanti patrols peacekeeping diplomacy crisis climate change floods clashes

UNMISS Deputy Special Representative and Resident/Humanitarian Coordinator, Sara Beysolow Nyanti, recently visited newly displaced people seeking refuge in Adidiyang, Upper Nile, following recent clashes in Tonga. Photo by Nyang Touch/UNMISS

UNMISS Force Commander Mohan Subramanian honour guard

UNMISS Force Commander, Lieutenant General Mohan Subramanian from India, assumed his duties in the world's largest United Nations Peacekeeping mission today and inspected an Honour Guard by peacekeepers from Rwanda, Ethiopia, China, Nepal and India. Photo by Priyanka Chowdhury/UNMISS

unmiss eastern equatoria recovery conflict cattle raids reconciliation resilience kapoeta toposa murle patrol united nations south sudan peacekeepers peacekeeping

A patrolling team of UNMISS peacekeepers recently visited communities reeling from cattle raids and revenge attacks in Kapoeta and Budi, Eastern Equatoria. With the normally peaceful fabric of life in tatters, people are calling on the UN Peacekeeping mission to begin reconciliation activities. Photo by Moses Yakudu/UNMISS

UNMISS south sudan peacekeepers western equatoria humanitarian assistance

Patrolling UNMISS peacekeepers spent time with communities in remote Landili, Western Equatoria, to assess their security and humanitarian needs. Photo by Phillip Mbugo/UNMISS.

UNPOL police UNMISS South Sudan Protection of Civilians Capacity Building United Nations Malakal sexual and gender-based violence violence against women community watch group

Some 160 members of the Community Watch Group, including 80 female community officers, at the UN Protection Site in Malakal, Upper Nile, have been trained by UNPOL on preventing and reporting on violence against women. Photo by Ines Surwumwe/UNMISS.

UNMISS quick impact projects school mvolo western equatoria peacebuilding protection of civilians South Sudan peacekeepers peacekeeping united nations

Schoolchildren in Mvolo, Western Equatoria, will no longer have to battle inclement weather in outdoor classrooms, thanks to an UNMISS-funded construction of a secondary school block. Additionally, the UN Peacekeeping mission also handed over a police post. The aim: To encourage voluntary returns, support recovery and build peace. Photo by Denis Louro/UNMISS.