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unmiss international day of UN volunteers south sudan rumbek

Ruby Awude from Ghana has been a Blue Helmet serving for peace in various UN Peacekeeping missions. She has since shed her military uniform and is now a proud UN Volunteer with UNMISS in South Sudan.

unmiss south sudan northern bahr el ghazal aweil gender affairs officer unv equality serving for peace

Sarwah Qader from Iraq is a Gender Affairs Officer serving with UNMISS in Aweil who very much enjoys her varied tasks as a UN Volunteer. Photos: Emmanuel Kele/UNMISS

unmiss international day of UN Volunteers 16 days COVID 19 warrap

Diane Umuhoza uses her 12-year experience as a laboratory technician to ensure UNMISS peacekeepers are in peak physical condition to protect civilians and help build a durable peace. Photo by Zejin Yin/UNMISS

unmiss south sudan warrap kuajok unv international day of un volunteers serving for peace engineer project manager

Arslan Nasserullah from Pakistan is not only an engineer and a project manager; he is also a UN Volunteer, serving for peace. Photos: Zejin Yin/UNMISS

unmiss south sudan lakes state disability inclusion women's rights businesswoman activist

With her customized motorbike, Khana Akur Majak in Rumbek does not allow her disability to define her. Instead, she's a much-admired businesswoman and advocate of the rights of women and the disabled. Photos: Nina Zubovic Vignjevic/UNMISS

UNMISS disabled disability south sudan western equatoria 16 Days women's rights disability advocate

Stephen Gabriel Ndumuku, a carpenter from Western Equatoria, cannot use his legs to full capacity. But, this inspirational man uses his talent in woodwork to support six children and calls for inclusion as South Sudan heads towards its first-ever elections. Photo by Denis Louro/UNMISS

UNMISS disabled disability south sudan eastern equatoria 16 Days women's rights disability advocate

Laduma Patricia Egan from Eastern Equatoria, South Sudan knows how to transform the cards dealt to her into a winning hand. This disability and women's rights advocate has been on crutches ever since she can remember but that hasn't stopped her from being a beacon of hope for her people. Photo by Okello James/UNMISS