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unmiss peacekeepers leer protection of civilians Muon SSPDF displacement humanitarian evacuation violence armed attacks unity state peacekeeping ghana

Following an upsurge of violence in Leer last week, UNMISS peacekeepers from Ghana have stepped up their on ground presence and patrols. File Photo by Roseline Nkwelle/UNMISS.

unmiss traditional authorities community leaders capacity building eastern equatoria torit

Some 60 community leaders, representatives and members of local governance structures in Eastern Equatoria, South Sudan, benefited from a capacity-building workshop led by the state Ministry of Local Government and Law Enforcement, also supported by UNMISS and UNDP. Photo by Okello James/UNMISS

unmiss peacebuilding communities grassroots civil affairs south sudan rumbek lakes

Durable peace needs buy-in from communities themselves. UNMISS recognizes this important fact and brought together 35 traditional leaders from all eight counties in Lakes state, South Sudan, to dialogue on necessary investments at the grassroots to mitigate conflict and shape a bright future for citizens. The result: 18 peace resolutions that leaders shall encourage their people to follow to the letter. Photo by James Mawien Manyuol/UNMISS.

unmiss south korea peace roads WFP development protection of civilians pibor bor akobo south sudan

Roads boost trade, increase security and safety for communities and help build inclusive peace. UNMISS peacekeepers from South Korea, therefore, deserve a round of applause for completing a 125-kilometer stretch connecting residents of Greater Pibor to their neighbours in Akobo, South Sudan. Photo by Mach Samuel/UNMISS

unmiss south sudan capacity building unpol western equatoria yambio police

Some 35 South Sudanese police officers in Western Equatoria were trained to control crowds in a peaceful and responsible manner by their UNPOL partners from UNMISS. Photo by Martin Siba/UNMISS

UNPOL police UNMISS South Sudan Protection of Civilians Capacity Building United Nations Pibor

Building capacities for local counterparts is something UNPOL officers from UNMISS are committed to as evidenced by this recent three-day workshop for the South Sudan National Police Service in Greater Pibor. Photo by Gideon Sackitey/UNMISS

UNMISS south sudan gender equality youth women peace security sports peacebuilding juba

April 6 is annually observed as International Day of Sports for Development and Peace. In Juba, South Sudan, this Day saw two talented women's football teams put up a thrilling show for spectators, shattering gender stereotypes and shining bright as a beacon for unity, peace and equality. Photo by Nektarios Markogiannis/UNMISS

UNMISS displaced civilians women orphans children peacekeepers UN peacekeeping South Sudan climate change rainy season displacement conflict yirol lakes unity

Residents of Yirol east in Lakes, South Sudan, have proved to be true partners at a time of need to displaced people from Panyijir who escaped devastating floods in the Unity region and sought refuge with their kind-hearted neighbours across state lines.

unmiss unmas mine action risk education explosive ordnance displaced people IDP school children protection malakal south sudan

Risk education for children, parents and UNMISS peacekeepers was the priority for UNMAS while marking International Day for Mine Awareness in Malakal. Photo by Ines Surwumwe/UNMISS.

UNMISS triple nexus malakal protection of civilians medical camp medicines south sudan climate change conflict mandate united nations rwanda india UNPOL IOM WHO humanitarian diabetes blood pressure hypertension displaced people IDPs One UN peace development conflict

From 28-31 March 2022, partnerships for the people of South Sudan reigned supreme in Malakal, Upper Nile state, as military peacekeepers and UNPOL officers from Rwanda teamed up with doctors from India, plus humanitarian partners to provide free health checks to displaced people living in the UN Protection Site here. Photo by Samuel Adwok/UNMISS.