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unmiss undp cattle migration farmer herder conflict mobile court south sudan un peacekeeping united nations

As seasonal cattle migration is set to begin early next year in South Sudan, farmers and herders from Warrap and Western Bahr El Ghazal meet at a three-day interstate conference jointly hosted by UNMISS and UNDP. The aim: To prevent conflict, ensure peaceful resolution of disputes. Photo by Michael Wondi/UNMISS

UNMISS cattle livestock migration herders farmers women pastoralists semi-nomadic Wau Warrap south sudan cattle migration western bahr el ghazal conflict peacekeeping united nations undp fao unmiss

Ahead of South Sudan's annual migration season, stakeholders in Warrap hold discussions on avoiding violence and conflicts with their neighbours in Western Bahr El Ghazal. Photo by Zejin Yin/UNMISS

unmiss south sudan 16 days of activism juba gbv stakeholders grant empowerment stigma vocational trainings

The recent forum in Juba on gender-based violence was focused on the needs and rights of survivors. Photos: James Sokiri/UNMISS

UNMISS bangladesh peacekeepers UN wau south sudan peacekeeping peacekeepers hope education

Bangladeshi peacekeepers serving with UNMISS in Wau, South Sudan, recently handed over 1,000 text books and sports items to schoolchildren. Their objective: To motivate students and ensure that they complete their education. Photo by Jimmy Ludanga/UNMISS

unmiss sexual exploitation and abuse zero tolerance 16 days

Under the ambit of the ongoing 16 Days of Activism, UNMISS' Conduct and Discipline Team teamed up with women's representatives from Gurei in Juba to raise awareness on the UN's zero tolerance policy on sexual exploitation and abuse. Photo by Blessings Phumisa/UNMISS

unmiss international day of UN volunteers south sudan western bahr el ghazal

Ebiboderi Nkeiruka Opukiri, one of our dedicated UN Volunteers in Western Bahr El Ghazal, South Sudan, urges every person to take on the challenge of serving for peace. Photo by Alahayi Nemaya/UNMISS

unmiss south sudan lakes state rumbek unv volunteering international day of un volunteers gender affairs equality voice visibility

After a life of volunteering back home in the Gambia, Adama Njie took the plunge to become a UNV and Gender Affairs Officer in Rumbek. Photos: Nina Zubovic/Vignjevic